What can I do to save the energy consumption of my geyser?

You can ask your installer to lower the temperature of your geyser, which will save energy in the long run.

What is the lowest and highest temperature suitable for a geyser?

If you want to save on costs, you are advised to set your geyser temperature at 55°C on average, however, lower temperatures are not advisable, seeing that they could pose a health risk because bacteria could multiply in water temperatures that are too low. On average, the temperature should also preferably not be higher than 65°C, because it will incur higher costs and the thermostat may overheat.

How long does  Geysers Johannesburg  take to heat up fully?

There is a set point of the thermostat that will allow the water only to drop slightly over 24 hours. On average it should take 1 hour and 40 minutes for it to be completely heated, unless it has been switched off for longer, then 2 hours should be adequate.

Does switching your geyser off save energy?

Hot water usage ultimately will result in hot water flowing out of the system that needs to be replaced with other water.  In this case, cold water will flow into the system, which will need to be heated again. Turning your geyser off when you are away for longer periods of time, will assist in saving energy, seeing that the thermostat will not automatically reset itself in heating up the water to the desired temperature.

How long will a newly installed geyser last?

A properly installed geyser that is compliant with minimum requirements, should last you up to eight years, if regularly maintained. Most manufacturers only offer a guarantee of five years, however, good maintenance can go a long way.

Do geyser-timers really work?

Geyser-timers can save up to 37% of your total consumption, provided that you also watch your consumption to ensure that there is in actual fact a saving.