Gas Geysers Johannesburg have become more and more popular lately due to several reasons which will include the usual power outages as well as costs. Gas (LPG) is used a source of heating the water. Gas geysers are unlimited when it comes to the supply of heated water. They heat up very quickly and efficiently. Gas geysers have safety devices to protect them from overheating. When the flame goes out, a detector will cut off any further gas supply. A non-return valve serves as further protection.

Gas geysers are less expensive than their electric geyser counterparts and could last very long, provided that they are taken care of and a good maintenance plan is followed.

Advantages of installing a gas heater:

  • You are not dependent on any power source, except for a gas supply according to your average usage per month.
  • You are able to control the rate of heating and the level at which you want your geyser to operate.
  • Gas Geysers Johannesburg support a steady heating process, which will ensure the preservation of energy.
  • You can decide when heating of the water is needed and control and plan your usage, which is ideal for big families.

An assessment interview coupled with a detailed questionnaire, will ensure that you make the right choice regarding the type of gas geyser you wish to purchase and install. There is a variety of sizes and brands available, ranging from 6L to 20L. Our expert technicians will help determine what is best for your household.

Basic safety and compliance measures are in place in the installation of our gas geysers. Our products and installations meet all the legislative requirements.

You will also no longer be confronted with the frustration of unexpected power outages and will be able to exercise control over when and how you want to heat up your water so call Gas Geysers Johannesburg.