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Our core purpose is to leave you satisfied after offering you top geyser plumbing services, installation of high-quality geyser blanket, solving all your solar geyser problems, provide quality geyser replacement, and leave you with the best water geyser in town. So, choose us today and enjoy unparalleled services.

provide quality geyser replacement and leave you with the best water geyser in town. So, choose us today and enjoy unparalleled services.

We Often boast of a prolonged stay in the geyser installation industry. As such, we have first class experience on handling kwikot solar geyser installation services. Besides, our team of building experts has the ability to give you first class installation of bathroom geysers. Which, in turn, means you get to enjoy a nice hot bath during all those cold days.

Hot water is an absolute necessity for every home, especially during the cold season. As such, a functioning geyser may just be what you and your family need.

If your hot water geyser installation is done poorly, it may cause unnecessary plumbing issues or even worse health hazards.

We are the leading geyser company in your area and our prices are unbeatable so anyone can afford our top-quality strong geysers. You are welcome at any time to come pop around our store and you can see a wide range of geyser products we stock. Best of all, all of our geyser units have a warranty and our dedicated geyser team are there to install and do the geyser repairs to current geyser units. We specify in good quality (SABS) geysers with warranty and they are manufactured to last, and when you have visited our geyser store and you have purchased you a geyser, we will have the geyser delivered for you at an extra call-out fee we can come and install your solar geyser for you.

At our geyser company we can do the best service that you can imagine from leak detection to installations of drip trays and many more. our staff members working at our company is qualified plumbers and can install or repair your geyser without causing you as our customer stress and worries. when we sent out our teams to your premises, we can guarantee you that they will be dressed in our companies uniform and will have their own tools to take care of the job. We can also do the installations of gas geysers as well as electrical geysers.

At our geyser company we specialize in doing the best work on your geysers from installing electrical geysers, to gas geysers and solar panel geysers no matter what geyser you have at your homes we can do the repairs on the geyser, or the installations of your new geysers. We work hand in hand with most insurance companies so that if you are insured, we will sort out the paperwork for you this way you don’t have to stress too much. So do not hesitate another second pick up your phone so that we can assist you in the best way that we can.