Solar geysers Johannesburg have become popular in recent years for several reasons. They have become the new “green thing” for those who want to get involved in preserving our planet due to the fact that very little is needed to make them work. It is almost a limitless source of energy and solar geysers pose no direct threat to the environment. They have also become popular due to the fact that they are very long-lasting and require very low maintenance.

The solar geyser in Johannesburg operates by water that travels through a solar collector and is heated in the process. Sunlight is the main source of energy even when overcast. Hot water is then finally pumped into a storage tank for use.

There are two main types of solar geysers which include a direct system that will pump water into the solar panels, which is then heated by sun-energy and stored in the geyser. Other solar geysers have evacuated tubes which will use a similar heating process and are just as effective. Your installation expert will be able to advise you regarding all the different options available.Hot water usage and ultimately geyser usage is responsible for a large chunk of your water and electricity bill. Satisfied users are grateful for having made the change to solar systems, seeing that their bottom-line looks significantly better.

Solar geysers Johannesburg  is a long-lasting option and can in practical terms, provide warm water for 10-15 years, if not longer.

Advantages include the following: you are less dependent on electricity and we know that it has become a serious consideration. A solar geyser is very efficient and can generate heated water of up to 90°C. You can literally save thousands in the long run and installations are simple and quick.