This is what our clients have to say…

Peter Stanford:

I experienced endless problems with my geyser, resulting in several replacements and immense costs. Temperature fluctuations in winter resulted in a cracked drum, which caused a serious leakage of a newly installed geyser of an inferior quality.

Geysers Johannesburg dealt with it instantaneously and I have never looked back. My geyser is in tip-top condition and I’ve had it for more than four years now. Their excellent maintenance plan ensures that I also uphold any work that needs to be done to ensure that my geyser functions properly.

Myra Enslin:

I inherited an old geyser when I purchased my new apartment, which resulted in exorbitant water and light expenses. I was unaware that there was a leakage in the drum of my geyser, which caused the constant influx of fresh water every day, ultimately causing the constant heating of the system and eventually for the thermostat to perish. I was desperate to lessen my monthly expenses. On further, proper investigation by Geysers Johannesburg, their team discovered what the problem was and fixed it in no time. I was delighted with the massive saving I saw in my utilities account from there onwards.

Paul Oslo:

My monthly electricity and water bill was extremely high and I could not understand what I was doing wrong. A friend mentioned that I should look into the power consumption of my geyser. I contacted Geysers Johannesburg, and was met with very a friendly and professional service. My geyser was found to be old and was the cause of my excessive power consumption. My situation was assessed by them and they suggested a solar geyser installation which seemed ideal for my needs. I am ecstatic – my monthly saving is immense.